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Welcome to the Giving T!

Can a T-shirt save the world? Perhaps not, but our goal is to find out.

The Giving T: Our Mission

Our founding mission at The Giving T is to empower great
organizations, like your non-profit, to raise funds through the creativity,
commitment and passion of their membership, fans and followers.

100% of the profit from every sale is paid directly to your charity
of choice. What's more: you choose the amount of profit on each sale.

Sound like fun? It's quick and easy, and you can get started today.

Find out how here!

How it Works
About Our Friends

We appreciate businesses that are well run, but do a little more. The "little more" can take many forms. Some contribute to the community. Some promote environmental awareness. Some sponsor a favorite charity. All, in some way, try to add to the common good.

Please visit these companies that we admire.